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From A Dusty Bookshelf (Song of Myself, pt. 1) by AmaranthMB
From A Dusty Bookshelf (Song of Myself, pt. 1)
No, I haven't suddenly become a speed artist...this has been sitting, nearly finished, in my queue since Christmas.

The first time I listened to Song of Myself with the CD jacket in front of me, I wondered if there wasn't something missing from my disc. The first section of the song, From A Dusty Bookshelf, seemed to be nothing but the several measures of music leading into the first verse. Why make that its own named section? I still don't know, but there it is.

So, I suppose this image is less about what's in those few measures and more about setting the stage for the rest of the song. In the overarching story of Imaginaerum, to me, Song of Myself is about the Dead Boy attempting to leave the park and wandering in the wilderness beyond. In the first few moments, the and the Child are passing under the back entrance...into a library. I wanted books and I wanted trees in this image, and so ended up with an eccentric outdoor library. The Child is eager to move on, not even looking at the oddness around her, but the Dead Boy is hesitant. He doesn't yet know if he's ready to leave.

Boy with lamp:…

And Google.
So I'll Bleed Forever (Ghost Love Score, pt. 4) by AmaranthMB
So I'll Bleed Forever (Ghost Love Score, pt. 4)
redeem me into childhood
show me myself without the shell
like the advent of May
i'll be there when you say
time to never hold our love

my fall will be for you
my love will be in you
you were the one to cut me
so i'll bleed forever

And the last section. Here we finally see all the various themes I'd been playing with a slightly unplanned nod to White Night Fantasy, with the boy riding a wolf.

Stabbed man:…
Girl on steps:…
Child riding wolf:…

And Google.
The Adoring Beast (Ghost Love Score, pt. 3) by AmaranthMB
The Adoring Beast (Ghost Love Score, pt. 3)
"bring me home or leave me be
my love in the dark heart of the night
i have lost the path before me
the one behind will lead me

take me
cure me
kill me
bring me home
every way
every day
just another loop in the hangman's noose

take me, cure me, kill me, bring me home
every way, every day
i keep on watching us sleep

relive the old sin of Adam and Eve
of you and me
forgive the adoring beast..."

~Ghost Love Score, Nightwish

This one is, admittedly, more gruesome than the two before it...but honestly, so are the lyrics here.

In the overarching story of Nightwish, I always imagined a character called Poet, who is sort of the Dead Boy all grown up. Always fascinated by and flirting with the dark, always very innocently. And sometime during the Century Child story, the Dark bit back. He ceased to be the Child and turned into a beast; turned in on himself, in a sense. A werewolf, in my mind. Ghost Love Score to me is the telling of him being hurt so badly by a love that he becomes trapped within his own darkness, bleeding out, with no hope of being saved...and this image is the center of it.

I was going to have a ghost choir here as well, but then I started looking at pictures of howling wolves and I could just see them in my head, singing this part. The next image, the last one, will have both ghost and wolf choirs.

Hanging werewolf:…
Crying angel:…
Front howling wolves: I have so many wolf images gathered from over time sitting on my computer...this was one of them.

Also, Google.
A Siren From the Deep (Ghost Love Score, pt. 2) by AmaranthMB
A Siren From the Deep (Ghost Love Score, pt. 2)
"a siren from the deep came to me
sang my name my longing
still i write my songs about that dream of mine
worth everything i may ever be

the Child will be born again
that siren carried him to me
first of them true loves
singing on the shoulders of an angel
without care for love and loss..."
~Ghost Love Score, Nightwish

This one should not have taken as long as it did, but I've been a bit busy. Real life and all.

The musical note spores carry into all four images, but since this is the section that talks specifically about music, I decided this is their source. I also made the one carrying the Child both siren and angel (mostly since I liked the source image so well).

Siren/angel wing:…
Man hanging from shipwreck:…

and images from Google.


Ashley Mariah
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Both writer and artist...a little divided between two worlds.

I do commissioned portraits of pets and people on the me if you're interested! Or you can check out my Etsy shop:…
...doesn't mean I can't do some of it.

So, fall of 2015. It's looking more and more like that's when NW is going to be on tour again. They are confirmed to play L.A. in May, at least. Even if I'd kept to my schedule this whole time, I still don't think I'd be able to do every song before then. Especially considering I like the idea of breaking up the epics into their respective pieces. That adds images.

However, it occurred to me that there's no reason I can't break this project up into albums. Instead of one massive book of drawings, I could create seven separate books. Have a few done by the next tour, and a few more for the next, and so on. Imaginaerum and Once are mostly done, aside from the two epics., there's a slight chance I could fit that one in before mid 2015. Maybe. Depends on how this portrait drawing business pans out.

Right now what I think I'm going to do is concentrate on Ghost Love Score and on redoing Song of Myself. Song of Myself is easy, because it's already in pieces: From a Dusty Bookshelf, All That Great Heart Lying Still, Piano Black, and Love. Ghost Love Score is trickier because as far as I know, lyrically, it's all one big long song...which means I have to break it up per my own interpretation. I can see it having four images, same as Song of Myself. Not as long as Poet, which will have five, and longer than Beauty of the Beast, which has three. (I'm keeping FantasMic as it is, two panels, because I like what I have).

Once I have those eight images finished, I can start piecing the books together. The more I think about it, the more I like doing it this way. Means I can spend more time with each album, really tie it all together. It also means I'll always have something to give them when I see them. (I know that sounds arrogant, but I really do need that kind of motivation.)
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