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Betraying Shadows by AmaranthMB
Betraying Shadows
I'm in the middle of working on two of the four Song of Myself pieces I have planned, but just couldn't resist. So this is the quick charcoal piece I did based on this photograph:….

Obviously I don't own the original image, and in fact I would encourage everyone to check out…. Besides often using one of my favorite people as a model, her photography is just downright awesome :)
Tick-Tock Marmots by AmaranthMB
Tick-Tock Marmots
I've been wanting to do something steampunk-ish, and this was a good excuse.

Was inspired by, not even kidding, Achaea's suicide mice. I looked up the smallest rodent in WoW, which happened to be a marmot...which is a kind of squirrel, I guess? Then I imagined how a clockwork-obsessed gnome would turn them into little furry bundles of destruction :)
Alive For the Journey by AmaranthMB
Alive For the Journey
So how does one sum up one's "artistic journey" in one image? Not easily.

We start in the top left corner, with a moon and a schooner and that soft rich color that only colored pencils can create. I did some of my best pencil and colored pencil work during the summers in high school I sailed on the Lewis R. French with my dad. The two women are actually the same woman: a character from a story I started way back in ninth grade. Her name is Ravana (yes, like the Indian demon, but I didn't know that at the time). The top version shows her making magic with her flute the way I first imagined her, while the second image is Ravana Trefenwyd, whom I played in an online MUD game called Achaea.

Funny story: that staff she's holding in her hand? In the interest of accuracy, I actually had to log into the game after a ten year hiatus to find out what an Achaean elemental staff looked like. Since then I've sort of resurrected both characters I used to play...I'd forgotten how fun it was to be them.

Moving on, I name significant people in my life after birds...which is perhaps why the song The Crow, the Owl, and the Dove speaks so strongly to me. The raven was the first of those people: he and the trenchcoat and fedora guy standing in front are from my time at Stetson. Worked primarily in charcoal during that time, while still breaking out the colored pencils at times. (Trenchcoat and fedora guy, Raven, incidentally enough is now my husband.)

A bird, in my personal library of symbology, also represents a trial, while the final incarnation of that bird represents me overcoming the trial and adopting the name. I came through the Raven trial and became the bleached raven, which is why the wing tips are white. Then I met the Phoenix, who quite literally dropped into my life like a bird on fire. That trial was harder, because the boy with the skateboard simultaneously a terrible match for me and impossible to get over. Thus, the Three of Swords and the unfinished Rose Cross, and all the cracked pavement: I was doing a lot of kabballah and occultic experimentation during that time. Four long years later I took the name Nightphoenix, which I still use.

The lonely orange cat by the fountain is me, at Stetson, where both of those trials happened. The second year I took a painting class that taught me pretty much everything I know about the medium...which isn't much. The pencils are graphite but the scene is in acrylic...been a while since I got the paints out.

Under the cracks and the rift, there are green hills with not much on them...I went through a long period of time where I didn't do much art at all. I was concentrating primarily on writing, and just didn't have much inspiration to draw. Then came the wolves...the five wolves and the stage, and suddenly I wanted to draw again. That's when I picked up the pens and started the Nightwish project.

The bird in the center is a nightingale. Another trial, and let's just say it's one I haven't yet overcome. I know what the final incarnation will look like, but I'm not...quite...there yet. I am the cat looking through the keyhole. The three characters in the bottom right are characters from the story behind all the stories I have planned, a concept I've called the Spindlewyrd. Three angels: Kaithaz'il, the original Angel of Death and the keeper of the Na'Vela Contract; Azra'el, the Angel of Death we mortals know, also a keeper of Na'Vela. And Satara'el with his rabbit angel more commonly known as Lucifer. As I started my journey with my first characters, it seemed appropriate to end it with my most recent characters. That part is done in marker, as that's my most recent medium.

This piece turned out to be a combination of a look back through all the mediums I've used over the years, and things that were happening in my life at the time. Contest aside, I'm glad I undertook this was interesting breaking out the colored pencils, the charcoal, the acrylics, and combining them with the pens and markers I've been working with lately. And being all nostalgic about the last fifteen years or so.
Haley by AmaranthMB
I had a birthday last week, and one of the things I got with my b-day is a thumb ring inscribed with the words "don't blink". Now all you Doctor Who fans know exactly what that's in reference to, and yes, that's exactly why I got it.

But this last month has been teaching me that, Lonely Assassins completely aside, Don't Blink is a good phrase to live by. Life is short and strange and full of surprises, good and bad. You just never know what's going to happen. Nothing is permanent. Don't blink, because you might miss something.

Haley was a 17-year-old girl in our church. She was extremely involved in the youth group and such, and was all around well-known and well-liked by just about everyone. Two Saturdays ago, she was in a bad skateboarding accident. The next Sunday, she had swelling on her brain and they had to do emergency surgery. And then that Monday, she passed away.

It was this very sudden, very shocking thing to have happen. Two weeks later and the youth group, and really the whole church, is still reeling over it. I didn't personally know Haley, but I'd seen her frequently enough that it was still really awful to hear the news. I did this portrait because it just felt like a thing I needed to do, and something that her family might appreciate.

One moment, this girl had her whole life in front of her, and the next she's gone. Don't blink, indeed.


Ashley Mariah
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Both writer and artist...a little divided between two worlds.

I do commissioned portraits of pets and people on the me if you're interested! Or you can check out my Etsy shop:…
...doesn't mean I can't do some of it.

So, fall of 2015. It's looking more and more like that's when NW is going to be on tour again. They are confirmed to play L.A. in May, at least. Even if I'd kept to my schedule this whole time, I still don't think I'd be able to do every song before then. Especially considering I like the idea of breaking up the epics into their respective pieces. That adds images.

However, it occurred to me that there's no reason I can't break this project up into albums. Instead of one massive book of drawings, I could create seven separate books. Have a few done by the next tour, and a few more for the next, and so on. Imaginaerum and Once are mostly done, aside from the two epics., there's a slight chance I could fit that one in before mid 2015. Maybe. Depends on how this portrait drawing business pans out.

Right now what I think I'm going to do is concentrate on Ghost Love Score and on redoing Song of Myself. Song of Myself is easy, because it's already in pieces: From a Dusty Bookshelf, All That Great Heart Lying Still, Piano Black, and Love. Ghost Love Score is trickier because as far as I know, lyrically, it's all one big long song...which means I have to break it up per my own interpretation. I can see it having four images, same as Song of Myself. Not as long as Poet, which will have five, and longer than Beauty of the Beast, which has three. (I'm keeping FantasMic as it is, two panels, because I like what I have).

Once I have those eight images finished, I can start piecing the books together. The more I think about it, the more I like doing it this way. Means I can spend more time with each album, really tie it all together. It also means I'll always have something to give them when I see them. (I know that sounds arrogant, but I really do need that kind of motivation.)
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